About My AfriPal
...welcome to Africa, conect with Africans, share your African experience!

Connect with Africans

When we thought of revamping the African tourism digitally, we understood visitors to Africa will love to meet and conect with persons of like-minds and interest. Here, we help you find and connect with everyone class of persons you have in your mind. And when you consider touring any African country, we have registered, verified and liscenced tour guide right here, just for you. Connect, and communicate in realtime, slide into their DM or take a step further and launch that audio or video call right away if you are a PRO citizen.

Share your African Experience

Africa is naturally and artificially blessed with amazing sights you cannot wait to behold. Whilst exploring the nooks and crannies of Africa, do not forget to take some time to share your African experience with the world using your status update or story space or, you can go ahead and share your experiences privately with friends through instant messaging and smart calls.