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Building Sustainable Communities

HealthCare Projects

This project focuses on rural health care services, with a standard emergency management facility where we affiliate with health care agencies, experts, and technology companies to ensure real-time emergency health care service delivery especially to the remote areas across Africa. We are thinking of better ways whereby less lives will be lost in Africa because there was no proper information or emergency service(s) availabilty. It's time to build the Africa we all wish we had.

PRO e'Life Enhancement Project

This project is designed to fetch for homeless Africans across the world, provide them with shelter, feed them, clothe them, train them in any skill(s) set through EduPLUS and Kreative Kreatures HUB, ensure they are fit again into the society with an opportunity for a new begining and a great career. reconnect them with their families and loved ones again and create that forever lasting smiles and memories on the faces of millions. It's time to reachout with love to families separated by disasters and insurgencies across Africa.

The Mind in Heart Initiative

With this project, we believe that a majority of those labelled as mentally distabilized are perfectly okay and can come out of every challenge(s) if given the chance to be heard, not judged based on their status but rather being given a fair opportunity and platform to learn through life again with a personal development plan and a private counselling expert(s). If we can help them think differently, we can help them start a new living like Kings and Queens without the need to chase them with chains, cuffs and guns, people are our responsibility: people are our priority.

Join the Revolution!

This is where we ARISE to the essence of community building and the security of lives and properties. An enclosed circle to help us discuss with the world around us what our challenges are, using real time emergency information to manage emergengies across Africa, thereby promoting the drive for a sustainable future for Africa. You can join us as a volunteer, a sponsor or a team player. We are open to affiliation. It's time to spread the Love. Join the Revolution.

It's a Liberation Mandate

There're so much bountiful abundance in Africa everyone can dive into and make a living from. Telling stories and getting paid for your stories is one of them. Our philosophy says "If everyone can afford atleast a 2 square meal a day, a cloth to cover their nakedness, and a roof over their head. The rate of crime and poverty in Africa will reduce greatly". It's a movement to empower everyone our hands can reach. Your support will help us get there faster.

Join the Revolution

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Our Projects

Home for All Initiative
  • Goal: Provide Shelter Homes
  • Raised: $00,000,00
Empower Them To Feed Them
  • Goal: Deleivering Happiness
  • Raised: $00,000.00
  • Goal: Rehabilitation Campaign
  • Raised: $00,000.00

Focus Not on What your Country can do for you; but what you can do for your country

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